Minerva Group is a company belonging to the Minerva family, founded in Italy in 1886, specializing in the distribution of food and beverages.

In 1994 it began a process of internationalization and expansion of its sales network in several European countries, expanding its portfolio of leading products worldwide and specializing more and more in the Horeca and Retail sector.

We think differently from other companies and this makes our business innovative and successful.

Innovative: because we offer expertise and high quality products satisfying a global customer network quickly and efficiently.

Winning: both because we are able to offer our customers products at competitive prices having a strong centralized purchasing contract force at European level and both because we have partnerships with other leading distributors in the world.

Through our fully computerized logistics facilities (75,000 MQ), we carry out quality control and labeling services in any world language, specifying product description, nutritional information required by the current regulations of the country and complete traceability of production batches.

Our recognized success for entrepreneurial professionalism, for convenient prices and quick delivery of goods through shipments covering all types of transport (sea, land and sky) has allowed us to increase turnover, reaching a leading position at European level.

Where we are

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